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OSDial is developed and maintained by Call Center Service Group, LC., which opened it's doors in January 2007.

In 2009 after two years of work with Vicidial we decided to branch off from v1.2 to create OSDial, the Open Source Dialer.

Since then we have made well over 2,000 changes including a few things such as moving to Asterisk v11, adding an API to load leads from an external web page, allowing multiple companies on the same dialer with call accounting, implementing support for any character set (UTF-8) for true language support and replacing a lot of the original code to get a totally stable dialer which is easy to maintain and customize. Development and customizations are done continously.

Today OSDial offers a stiff competition to the closed source dialer solutions by not only having implemented most of their features, but with a lot more flexibility, without the $100K price tag, mandatory support, and license fees associated with their offerings.

Another area we have invested into is hosted dialing, which the normal AGPL license does not allow. Here we offer a seperate license to those who wish to offer OSDial as a services over a network. The commercial module Multi-Tenant allows full seperation of multiple companies on the same system. Additionally we have an accounting module which allows a fully automated creation of companies from a shopping cart with a credit payment made through Paypal. When the company credit runs out the dialer will automatically stop dialing for that company.

Our philosophy is that a call or contact center does best with high end equipment to attain the highest reliability possible due to the fact that the biggest expense comes from not dialing. Therefore our servers are of the highest quality available - custom made to order enterprise quality Supermicro servers. They come with three year warranty, and three year, on-site, next business day support, and lifetime phone support.


We may in the normal course of conducting business collect information about you.

This is how we treat that information:

We will never sell or distribute your information to a third party under any conditions.

We only share your information under traditional business conditions when it clearly is to help you gain the best use of our services and products and never for our own gain. For example, helping you find a carrier, or setting you up with a list company, and only after having your agreement. Nor would we share information such as learning about some plan you have for your business for any reason, and only use it to better understand how to help you take better advantage of our products and services.

We believe if you win we will automatically win as well. The happier you are the happier we will be. We like to be happy and winning!

We are staunch believers in peoples right to privacy and do not in any form support spam or opt-out lists.

None of the above applies if a crime is being committed according to applicable laws. If you wish to use OSDial for illegal activities and we discover it we will fully cooperate with the authorities.

Get started with OSDial now, contact us at 727-685-3000!