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We are always available for a quick hello, to answer an issue of concern, tips on getting started, or general questions other than normal support issues which we are in the business of selling. In short we like to see you win using OSDial and to that end are willing to offer help on getting started.

If you are looking at using OSDial and want to see how it works, we suggest you simply go ahead and install it. You can even do this on a desktop computer or virtual machine, as long as you realize that they are not suited for production, especially with the timing delays present in virtual environments.

J. Riggin & Associates, Inc.
3339 Briarwood Circle
Safety Harbor, FL  34695

Sales 727-685-3000

(All e-mail addresses end with

General information: info
Sales: sales
Careers: careers
Account payables: acct_pay
Account receivables: acct_recv
Quality control: quality_control
Public relations: public_relations
Legal department: special_affairs
Investors: investor_relations

Dialer Support: (Requires contacting sales to set up an account.)

Dealer Contact/Hosting Providers
Dealers & Hosting Providers are welcome to contact us at: dealer_channel

Online Abuse
Online abuse issues: abuse


If you have any success stories or something you wish to share please do not hesitate, we would love to hear from you!
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