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If you have a call or contact center and are looking not to be stuck with mandatory and exorbitant expenses, yet still want all the features and flexibility of a modern dialer that is easy to use... look no further!

As an example look at the Modify Campaign screen shot (on the right side of the page). Broken down into 16 easy to configure sections Modify Campaigns allows you to choose the exact combination of settings that each campaign needs. Mouse over help provides instant help on each function.

Some of the features are:

  • Unlimited campaigns*
  • Unlimited seats*
  • Unlimited lists*
  • Easy lead loading
  • Easy exports
  • Advanced lead search & export
  • Supports all character sets (for different languages)
  • Supports external databases
  • Supports custom fields
  • Supports insertion of leads from remote web sites
  • Flexible Inbound/Oubound/Blended with several options
  • Predictive/Power/Manual dial modes
  • Can use as high dial level as is needed (for example 20)*
  • Custom dialplans
  • Inbound and outbound IVR
  • Select carrier by campaign, or default
  • Carrier failover
  • Alternate number dial (10)
  • List mix
  • Dial status selection
  • Unlimited custom disposition codes*
  • Unlimited additional custom agent forms*
  • Call recording
  • Answering machine detection
  • Skill routing
  • Unlimited DID's
  • Uses the latest version of Asterisk (PBX)
  • etc, etc more complete list

* Only limited by your hardware

We offer excellent service with the best possible dialer solution for businesses in exchange for your purchase of support, training and customization needs.

Below, you will find a brief description to point you in the right direction. As usual if you have any questions please do not hesitate contacting us, CALL 727-685-3000.


OSDial contains features that makes it particularly well suited for many industries. Rather than releasing specific versions for each industry, we chose to include all features in a single version to avoid crippling the flexibility we strive to deliver. We believe that you should make your software fit your business model, not make your business fit the software. OSDial will scale from a couple of agents to several hundred. Start small and let it grow with you.

Partial list of specifically suited industries (mouse-over for brief details):


Corporate solutions include complete ready to go servers with OSDial installed and configured for your company.

Additional hardware such as the vital timing source and phone cards.

Over the years we have come to trust the following companies to provide the best quality service and support:


If you already have quality servers we can help you with the install and integrate them into a synchronized cluster.

Annual support agreement is available, as is blocks of 10 hours, and individual support hours.

Training is included in the Annual Agreement each month, it is also available with support hours.

Customizations are available and is a cornerstone feature of OSDial.


The FCC have been stepping up regulations which narrows who can do what type of calls. New laws are coming into effect and it is more than ever vital to use an attorney to ensure you are within the law. FCC TCPA Rules. Also important are the Do-Not-Call rules.

FCC Rule Changes regarding Express Consent to Call Cell Phones, an article from from May 2013.

Telephone Consumer Protection Act Cases Are on the Rise, an article from from August 2012.

Know the FCC Telemarketing rules.

New rules were adopted on Feb 15, 2012.

Enforcement by the FCC.

Get started with OSDial now, contact us at 727-685-3000!