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Purchase support in our store. Support tickets are created and monitored through the support system.

Annual Support Agreement includes free upgrades (including labor), five hours of support per month, one hour of training, after hour support availability, the OSDial User Guide, priority over hourly customers, and discounted support hours.

Outside of annual support we offer support by the hour. All support is pre-paid.

Evening and weekend support is called Extended Support, and is a separate program.

The Support Schedules are:
•  Standard Hours Mon-Fri: 9am-6pm
•  Extended Hours Mon-Fri: 6pm-9pm, Sat 10am-4pm (Only available with Annual Agreement)

Please include your company ID or company name in "Note to seller" at the bottom, to credit Your account!

For security reasons, only give out login information over the phone, never in an email, as email is inherently insecure!

Temporary Remote access will require access over Secure Shell (ssh port 22, tcp).
We may require web access (port 80, tcp) and VoIP access (port 5060 & 10,000-20,000, udp).
You need to limit access to our IP addresses, which we give to you during the initial support call.


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