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Welcome to the home of OSDial, the popular full-featured predictive dialer, which through the use of Open Source licenses greatly reduce cost without sacrificing quality or functionality. Able to dial in every imaginable way, this is the most flexible and cost-effective dialer available today. And although dialers are a technical subject, you will find that our representatives are especially willing to take the time to discuss the subject in a layman language.

Thanks to the license there are no limits on the number of users you can have on a server. It only depends on what the server is capable of, and how you use it. Also, no license fees, or required support hours. Only pay for what you need. In our case turnkey denotes certified servers that have the dialer software installed and are ready to dial.

OSDial (Open Source Dialer) is optimized to take advantage of a 1024x768 screen and comes with unlimited additional user configurable data entry forms, additional features and a uniform look across all screens. See a feature list of OSDial.

See screen shots of the Agent interface and Administrative interface. (Be aware that browsers sometimes rescale the image to make it fit. In that case your mouse pointer turns into a magifying glass and you can click to zoom in.)

When scaling the number of dialers you start with the number of seats you want. When using our Super Servers the following formula applies: (Note, these are our numbers. Customers have reported having exceeded 80 seats using the 2 server set up with one SQL and one Dialer.)

Note: The number of seats/server are continously sliding up as software and hardware improve. We like to, however, use low estimations so as to create a safety buffer. This is not to say that switching to, for example, a dedicated web server earlier cannot improve performance. Each location and use varies.

1-24 seats – 1 server (All in one)
24-48 seats – 2 servers (Separating SQL & Web from Dialer)
48-96 seats – 3 servers (Adding Dialer)
96-144 seats – 4 servers (Adding Dialer)
144-192 seats – 5 servers (Adding Dialer)
192-240 seats – 7 servers (Adding Dialer + Separating Web from SQL)
240-288 seats – 8 servers (Adding Dialer)
288-336 seats – 9 servers (Adding Dialer)
336-384 seats – 10 servers (Adding Dialer)
384-432 seats – 11 servers (Adding Dialer)
432-480 seats – 12 servers (Adding Dialer)
Over 480 seats – Contact us for details

An additional Archive server may be needed to process and store recordings. Storing recordings on each dialer is not cost effective and will degrade the performance of your dialers. Our Archive server automatically receives the recordings (two for each conversation), mixes them into one file, and converts it to an easily accessible format such as wav or mp3.

OSDial has an automated system for transferring files to the archive server continously. In turn it can copy files to a remote location, for example, a client's FTP server. Full logging keeps you informed of any issues that might occur, such as network issues or a busy remote server.

Different dialer options add different loads on each server. This makes it hard to predict how many seats you can have on any one server. Under optimum conditions the maximum observed is just over 80 seats on a set consisting of a Super Eight Server and a Super Eight Dialer.

Phone connections to the outside world (called 'trunks' & 'channels') using VoIP provides flexibility beyond what T1/PRI can, but may also loose the guarantee of service and quality as the connection is over the internet. The VoIP providers you choose should not have any monthly fees and only charge for the traffic you use. WSS Communications provides fiber connections to your office at very competitive rates. The fiber connection provides a quality connection to the dialer, making it possible to have quality conversations using VoIP (SIP).

When it comes to phones there are three different choices:

Software phones (Softphone) with headset and audio card in computer

Analog phones (Plain phone) with headset

Digital phones (VoIP phone) with headset

With Software phones you don't need to buy anything except a computer headset. Warning! The cheap ones have very thin cables that break easily.

Plain phones are inexpensive, easy to service and replace, does not require a costly tech. Does requires separate wiring.

VoIP phones are either cheap (~$80) and break quickly or costly but very nice if your agents are long term staff. Best value for money is Polycom. Expect to pay around $120-160.

We are happy to answer any questions you have simply send an email to s a l e s @ o s d i a l . c o m  or call (US) 727-685-3000 or 727-330-9491.

Asterisk is the name of a program which is a full telephone system, a.k.a. PBX. This is what you connect phones to, make calls from and facilitates transferring calls between phones in an office. Usually a phone switch is a costly box which you connect phone lines and extensions to. Asterisk differs in that it is a computer program which you can run in any computer. This makes it inexpensive, flexible and easy to implement. Many phone companies are now using it to lower their operational costs and to compete more effectively. The feature list of Asterisk is comparable to a $20,000 phone system, but exceeds it in flexibility.

In order to connect Asterisk to public phone lines we install a phone card (not unlike to a modem but far superior). Thus the system can function as a business phone system.

Indeed, Asterisk being a computer program and not a typical hardware phone system, makes it possible to configure it exactly the way you want. Your imagination is really the limit to what it can do. Having been in development and production since 1999, it is as stable and reliable as any business phone system on the market.

Call Center Service Group has created a standard hardware and software solution that reliably and predictably produces a quality product each and every time. The hardware provided by us is not only dialer certified and comes with three years on site hardware support, but is also server grade. We settled on Sangoma and Supermicro because when a dialer goes down you can loose income, staff and clients. When you look at the potential income of a contact center, it is not worth cutting corners on quality.

Comparing OSDial to other dialers reveals the potential of huge cost savings.

Get started with OSDial now, contact us at 727-685-3000!